"What does my property need?"

The Complex World of Telecommunications

Who Offers Internet?

Did you know there are 8 internet companies vying for your business? No longer is it only the Cable Company and the Phone Company!

Delivery Options?

The 8 providers use various technologies to deliver service to properties -         

Fiber               Microwave              Coax                 Twisted Pair

Which works best for my location?

How do They Operate?

  • What speeds are offered?
  • Price?
  • Contracts?
  • QOS?
  • Proprietary CPE?
  • Static IP?
  • Exclusive Use of Wire?
  • Exclusive Marketing Rights?

Right of Entry - Access Agreement

There are 15 or more components to a strong service agreement - Be sure to cover all bases.

Chambers MDU - Your Telecom Asset Manager


One of the most important amenities. Your residents want the most for the least without long-term commitments.


Property-wide Wi-Fi for the use and enjoyment of your residents


Understand what is most relevant for your property. Cable? Satellite? Both?

Why Use Chambers MDU?

Know Your Options in the Marketplace

Chambers Consulting Inc. (“Chambers MDU”) is a leading expert in telecommunications for the multi-family industry. Chambers MDU has worked with all the leading providers offering a vast array of services to apartment owners and condominium associations. We know and understand that telecom is a significant factor in home renting or buying decision and the property must meet the growing needs of residents. Today, through Chambers Consulting Inc. an owner can offer the best telecom experience for the end user resident while maximizing revenue opportunities on behalf of the property. 

Telecom Asset Manager - Single Property

Chambers MDU brings a combined 78+ years of MDU telecom experience and as such, can assume the roll as telecom asset managers and advisors for property owners. Chambers can research, analyze and negotiate agreements between properties and service providers such as Cable TV, Satellite TV, LEC Telephone, CLEC providers, independent broadband companies and more (“Providers”). First, we get to know and understand the property's general business strategy related to the end user customer and then guide owners through today’s complicated landscape of services and offerings.

Chambers MDU negotiates contract terms with Providers and facilitates the preparation and execution of contracts through the Owner’s legal representation. Chambers brings excellent real time experience and ensures best possible agreement terms in the resulting telecom agreements. Chambers MDU does not enter into a contract or approve a proposal but will make the recommendation to requisite authority to do so. We manages all the behind the scene due diligence allowing the Owners to remain strategic decision makers without getting mired in the nuances of each service. 

This approach provides the best opportunity for the property and each resident so from a new build project to a potential property acquisition to an existing portfolio, Chambers MDU offers a feature rich slate of services to maximize the state of the art services and revenue potential offered by the telecommunication industry.

Telecom Asset Manager - New Construction

Chambers MDU can be actively engaged in new construction projects on behalf of Owners and Developers. New construction projects demand a high level of organization and planning and we use the 78+ years collective experience to insure proper wire, nodes and equipment is placed to facilitate the telecom functionality. Chambers MDU plays an integral role in defining the service requirements of the Owner while working with the infrastructure requirements of the Providers. 

Telecom Asset Manager - Existing Properties

Due to the complexity of telecommunications contracts, some Owners are often times not aware of the financial benefits within the existing agreements in their portfolio and do not have the time or expertise to pursue these opportunities.  This is where Chambers MDU provides a significant service by combining in-depth knowledge of the telecom industry, standard contact language coupled with relationships within the multifamily and telecom industries to ensure all financial opportunities are maximized. 

The following outlines normal steps taken to maximize the telecom value for all properties

1 - Review each telecom agreement within a portfolio to compile a database to include copies of current contracts, summary of terms, expirations and automatic renewals.

2 - Once contracts are reviewed, Chambers MDU will create a strategic plan based on the Owners perspective within the telecom marketplace. Looking at contracts portfolio wide will optimize the opportunities with each provider to establish new contract terms that deliver the greatest revenue opportunity.

3 – Chambers MDU negotiates new contract terms with the providers and facilitates the preparation and execution of the telecom contracts through Owner’s legal representation. Chambers MDU’s vast experience ensures that Owners receive the best possible agreement terms in the resulting telecom agreements.

Fees Charged

Fees for service varies on the complexity of the research and negotiations. In most cases, the resulting agreements more than pay the fees charged.

More About Chambers MDU

Next Steps

Understand the Property Goals and Objectives

We will meet to discuss the scope of work and get a better understanding of the telecommunicaitons goals and objectives. Some properties want as many providers as possible while some may select a few to maximize revenue opportunities and or other financial benefits.

Proposal from Chambers to Property

Once all data is compiled, a final proposal will be delivered. This will offer details as to the engagement, timelines, costs and potential value. 

Final Agreement

Once all parties agree, we deliver the final agreement for approval and signature. 

Schedule RFP

We prepare a Request for Proposal and present to the potential providers. This will detail the opportunity and ask for proposals within a reasonable time-frame. We look for best in class and maximum value.

Final Selection - Agreements

A thorough review and summary of proposals will be submitted to Owner and or requisite decision makers to truly know and understand what opportunities are available for the property. Once a decision is made, Chambers MDU will work with designate attorneys regarding final drafts and signature.

On-Going Monitoring

With a new agreement in place, the providers may have to install new equipment and or upgrade existing. Chambes MDU is available to monitor the work to insure compliance with the new agreements.

Chambers MDU - Your Telecom Asset Manager

About Us

Chambers MDU

A Northwest consulting group focused on the Seattle and Portland markets with a combined history of 75 years experience in the communication and MDU industries.

The partners have worked in the MDU industry since 1987. Most recently, owned and operated DSI-TV as a DIRECTV system operator in over 200 condominium and apartment properties throughout the greater Seattle and Portland markets. DSI was sold to AT&T earlier this year and now will use the experience gained over the past 31 years to assist in Telecom Asset Management on behalf of Home Owner Associations and property owners.

Understanding the Industry

The principles of Chambers MDU have negotiated a combined 500+ contacts  between service providers and property owners. Chambers MDU knows how to get the best deals for your property and residents.

Representing Property Owners/HOAs

Chambers represents the property and is neutral as to the service providers. 

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